A Practical Guide to Third Trimester of Pregnancy and Puerperium by Alok Sharma

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Single Colour with Colour Plates/ Soft Cover/ 1/e, 2016/ 804 Pages/ 8.5" x 11"/ 127 Contributors

  • A comprehensive resource for the management of the final stage of pregnancy and its complications.
  • Divided into 78 chapters, the book begins with chapters on risk management in obstetrics, a general introduction, and information on physiological changes during the third trimester of pregnancy. 
  • Further chapters cover care guidelines, clinical understanding and recent advances in management of the third trimester.
  • Complications covered include pre-term labour, pre-labour rupture of membranes, post-term pregnancy, placental adhesive disorders, and umbilical cord abnormalities. 
  • Chapters in the second half of the book cover disorders that may be associated with third trimester pregnancy including gastrointestinal, endocrinal, thromboembolic, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Incorporates a blend of widely accepted guidelines, practical clinical understanding and recent advances in the field.
  • Enhanced by over 120 images and tables, providing quick reference information for obstetricians and gynaecologists