Corporate Hospital Culture and Communication Skill by Praful Arunkant Naik & Nidhi Praful Naik

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Single Colour/ Soft Cover/ 1/e, 2016/ 138 Pages/ 5.5" x 8.5"/ (B)

  • Simplifies the corporate culture and communication skill.
  • Delivers services more than expected by the patients.
  • General management and its application in corporate hospital are mentioned.
  • In other chapters, the heart of hospital management like different type of communication, art of negotiation and etiquette, etc. are included in brief.
  • In the last chapter, few brainstorms have been provided, which we may have to face in our day-to-day practice.
  • Helpful tips to those who want to start new practice, like hospital managers and students.
  • The aim of the book is to make healthcare business from good to best and convert family or personal hospital to a corporate business like others.