Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Skin Diseases by Virendra N Sehgal

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Full Colour/ Soft Cover/ 5/e, 2016/ 370 Pages/ 4.5" x 6.5"/ (B)

  • Unique text facilitates to form instant diagnosis of common skin diseases.
  • Chapter 3 on Drugs that may Cause Specific Side Effects has been updated by incorporating the definitions of Specific Dermatoses.
  • Chapter 5 on Drugs Formulary of Dermatological Preparations has also been increased by the inclusion of a few recent and a new drug formulary. 
  • A new Chapter 6 on Biologics: Therapeutic Applications has been added to enrich the existing drug choices for various dermatoses, their indications, generic and brand names along with their doses and modes of administration.
  • Emergency Dermatology has been given attention.
  • New chapters on Erythroderma and Angioedema have been included emphasizing their diagnostic criteria and management strategies.
  • Ready reference for all practising dermatologists.