Drug Screening Methods Paperback 3/e, 2016 by SK Gupta

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  • All chapters have been revised to include the latest key studies and updated techniques.
  • One new chapter has been written on antiviral drugs other than HIV.
  • A complete book for screening of drugs both in vivo and in vitro models for drugs of all classes viz. autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurological disorders, cancer, HIV, diabetes, stem cells, antiemetics, absorption and metabolism, hormones, ophthalmic diseases, etc.
  • The chapter on Newer Tools for Drug Screening has been updated providing information on novel concepts like cassette dosing, virtual screening application of LC-MS/MS in bioanalysis, etc.
  • The readers would find the chapter on Stem Cell Therapy, interesting and informative to read.
  • Comprehensive chapters on Cell-based Assays in High-throughput Screening of Drugs and Screening of Antiviral Agents have been new additions in this edition.
  • Chapters on difficult and challenging areas of research like Diabetic Retinopathy, Ocular Inflammation and Ocular Toxicity have been complied to open up renewed interest for research on these topics.
  • All the chapters are well- elucidated and have been authored by the researchers with a vast experience and actively working in the area in India and abroad.