ECG Made Easy 5th Edition 2016 by Atul Luthra

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Full Colour/ Soft Cover/ 5/e, 2017/ 4.75" x 7"/ 300 Pages/ (B)/ With Interactive CD-ROM

  • This book presents the intriguing subject of EEG in a format which is not just easy to comprehend but also handy for reference.
  • Initial chapters deal with basic principles, nomenclature of deflections and calculation of heart-rate and electrical-axis.
  • Potential abnormalities of waves and segments are discussed with due emphasis on causation and relevance.
  • Cardiac arrhythmias are dealt with at length, including their origin, mechanism, causative factors and management.
  • Text is interspersed with a bewildering array of real ECG graphs, illustrative diagrams and comparative tables.
  • Ideal companion for medical students, resident doctors, paramedical staff and clinicians involved in heart-care.