Electronic Nursing Records by GD Mogli

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Single Colour/ Soft Cover/ 1/e, 2016/ 528 Pages/ 6.25" x 9.5"/

  • This book is mainly classified into three parts. 
  • The first part deals with health care delivery system including functions of primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals including superspecialty services. 
  • The second part includes importance of nursing records, medical records and quality assurance standards, and legal aspects of electronic records. 
  • Designed prototype has been prepared for various nursing care services for the software company to develop appropriate digital screens as part of computerization of nursing records. 
  • The third part incorporates electronic nursing recording training program.
  • Immense use to all the nursing staff including junior, senior, academic, and administrative and those engaged in other nursing activities. 
  • It will be and a boon for all the nursing educational institutions and other professionals, e.g. medical, paramedical including laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, nutritionists, biomedical, engineering and administrative, finance staff and will also be extremely valuable for the software companies developing hospital information system including electronic health and nursing records.