Essentials of Biochemistry 2nd Edition 2016 by Pankaja Naik

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ISBN 9789386150301

Full Colour/ Soft Cover/ 2/e, 2017/ 8.5" x 11"/ 524 Pages/ (A)

  • Concise, comprehensive, and in full colour.
  • An exam oriented ideal textbook for medical, dental, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing and other health sciences students.
  • Revised and updated keeping in view all categories of students.
  • Additional information has been given in the form of new diagrams, tables, and flowcharts.
  • New colored boxes are provided to add more information into the text.
  • Inclusion of exam questions in the form of long answers (LAQs), short answer questions (SAQs), new multiple choice questions (MCQs), and clinical case studies.
  • A glossary with precise definitions of the most common words of biochemical sciences for ready reference.
  • A list of references/normal values for selected biochemical laboratory tests appears at the end of the book.
  • A systematic and comprehensive book for passing and scoring in exams successfully.