Exam preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Community Medicine (PSM) by Vivek Jain

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Quick Overview
‘Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates (PMFU)’, is written keeping in mind students’ requirements and an examiner’s expectations during Examinations. In Theory Section, each Chapter has been divided into topics and sub-topics based on questions asked during MBBS Professional Examinations in Medical Universities of India during last 20 years. Each topic and sub-topic has been concisely put point-wise making them faster to read and easy to learn. Several diagrams have been used to help student understand the concept. At end of each chapter, a separate section ‘Examination Corner’ has been given comprising of list of Long Questions, Short Questions and Differences between asked in previous examinations. Viva-voce questions with concise and precise answers have been included to enhance students’ confidence. In Practicals Section, Epidemiology/Statistics/Demography Exercises and Spots Exercise have been given with solutions. Formats for Family presentation, Long Case/Short case Presentations have been given with examples. Spots exercise has been supplemented with Picture plates for students’ benefit.
Key Features
• The first of its kind on the subject. 

• Excellent exam prep manual for undergraduates covering theory and practical in Community Medicine. 

• Useful for theory, practical and viva-voce examinations. 

• Prepared as per the syllabus prescribed by MCI. 

• Includes long questions, viva voce questions, short notes, and tables of differentiation. 

• Enriched with easy-to-memorise diagrams. 

• The practical section provides formats for family presentation, clinic-social case reviews; spots exercises with colour photographs. 

• Also includes exercises on Epidemiology, Demography, and Biostatistics with appropriate answers. 

• Contains separate section on annexures, like Public Health Data, Nutrition, and Socioeconomic Status Scales. 

• Given useful tips on how to attempt professional theory and practical examinations.