Gonioscopy A Video Assisted Skill Transfer Approach (Including Intraoperative Procedures and Self-assessment Video Quiz) by Tanuj Dada

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Full Colour/ Hardbound/ 1/e, 2016/ 60 Pages/ 6.25" x 9.5"/ (A)

Includes Interactive DVD-ROM Containing 137 Videos (Duration 45 minutes)

  • A unique video assisted skill transfer module comprising of 137 diagnostic and surgical gonioscopy videos.
  • Facilitates an immediate knowledge and skill transfer on evaluation of the anterior chamber angle.
  • Intraoperative gonioscopy in eyes with congenital glaucoma, cyclodialysis and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery is also included.
  • Techniques of dynamic gonioscopy using indentation and manipulation have also been incorporated to give a practical “hands on” experience.
  • First of its kind for Gonioscopy will aid ophthalmology residents and fellows and general ophthalmology practitioners in acquiring the skill to perform gonioscopy and provide valuable training for its correct interpretation.
  • A self-assessment video quiz has also been incorporated into this training module.
  • This atlas will improve the standard for diagnosis and care of glaucoma patients and finally in alleviating blindness from glaucoma.