Hair Transplant by Venkataram Mysore

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Full Colour/ Hardbound/ 1/e, 2016/ 496 Pages/ 8.5" x 11"/ 45 Contributors

  • The first and the most comprehensive book on hair transplantation (HT) in India.
  • Authored by pioneers of hair transplantation in India. 
  • Thorough discussion of all aspects of hair transplantation-strip technique, follicular extraction, body hair transplantation, recipient area methods, instruments, techniques, handling complications, postoperative care, tips for getting best results discussed exhaustively-in 68 chapters and approximately 450 pages. 
  • Includes all topics in trichology and trichosurgery-anatomy and basic sciences, pathophysiology, nonsurgical management, male and female types of pattern hair loss, investigations, psychological issues, setting up a HT clinic, marketing, training and teaching staff, social media management, medicolegal and ethical issues. 
  • Reader-friendly format with images, schematic diagrams, tables, flow charts and text boxes.
  • Meant for all hair transplant surgeons who wish to learn ethically and perform hair transplantation scientifically.