Medical Laboratory Technology (Methods and Interpretations) (Set of 2 Vols) 6/e, 2009 by RAMNIK SOOD

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Book Summary of Medical Laboratory Technology (set Of 2 Vols. ) 6/e Table of Contents Laboratory Sterilisation SI Units Fundamental Chemistry Urine Analysis Renal Function and its Evaluation Stool Examination Medical Parasitology Clinical Haematology Clinical Haematology: Bleeding Disorders Blood Banking (Immunohaematology) Cerebrospinal and other Body Fluids Semen Analysis Sputum Examination Pregnancy Tests Examination of Gastrointestinal Contents Diabetes Mellitus Laboratory Diagnosis Liver Function Tests Clinical Chemistry Enzymology Blood Gases and Electrolytes Serology/Immunology Diagnostic Immunology (Non Enzymatic, Quantitative Techniques: (Immunodiffusion, Electrophoresis and Turbidimetry) The Endocrine System Graphs Histopathology Cytology Microbiology and Bacteriology Mycology Diagnostic Skin Tests Cytogenetics APPENDICES Index

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