Orthodontics 2nd Edition 2016 by Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari

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ISBN: 9789385999895

STREAM: Dentistry SUBJECT: Orthodontics CATEGORY: UGCT

Full Colour / Soft Cover / 2/e 2017 / 8.5 x 11 / 650 Pages /16 Contributors/(B)
         The textbook contains 49 chapters contributed by dedicated academicians around the world.
         The concepts of orthodontics narrated in a simple and logical style for the benefit of undergraduate student who have comparatively minimal exposure to clinical orthodontics.
         Over 2000 high quality photographs and professionally done illustrations make the text easy to grasp.
         Numerous tables, flow charts and boxes throughout the text make understanding and revision of the subject easier.
         Summary Charts given at the end of each chapter as Chapter Overview for revision during exam preparation.
         A separate chapter on Preclinical Orthodontics has been included for the first time which deals with rationale, armamentarium and step-by-step wire bending procedure.
         Management of different types of malocclusion is narrated in simple manner with complete case records to support the text.
         Lasers in Orthodontics described for the first time.
         Sample questions in both long questions and short note formats are given for each chapter to prepare the students for theory examination.
         Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions (Over 2300) are also given to aid students in preparation for viva voce.