Textbook of Oral Medicine with Free Book on Basic Oral Radiology 3rd Edition 2014 (Paperback) by Ghom Anil Govindrao

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This new edition has been fully revised to bring dental students fully up to date with the latest advances in oral medicine. Divided into five sections, the book begins with an introduction to the basics, followed by sections on Diseases of Oral Structures, Systemic Diseases Manifested in the Jaw, Drugs Used in Dentistry, and Miscellaneous Topics. A highlight of this book is the correlation between radiological and clinical appearance, with emphasis on the diagnosis of oral lesions. Other key topics include non-surgical management of temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain, dental treatment under general anaesthesia, and specialty care in periodontics and endodontics. Each chapter includes multiple choice questions for revision, as well as numerous clinical images, illustrations and tables.