The Link: Pediatric History-Taking & Physical Examination by Prameela Kannan Kutty

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Single Colour/ Soft Cover/ 1/e, 2016/ 324 Pages/ 8.5" x 11"

  • Uniquely combines a humanistic kind and empathetic approach to the pediatric patient with the fundamentals of history-taking and physical examination. 
  • It’s a one stop guide for the undergraduate clinical students and a useful reference for the postgraduate students.
  • Stimulates students to think and link facts with signs and symptoms.
  • It reiterates that analysis, formation of hypothesis, testing and questioning the hypothesis with analytical and critical thinking are essential developmental milestones for medical students.
  • The student will enjoy reading as well as obtain the much-needed information from it.
  • It is a text that stimulates cross-reference and research. The clinical student transforms into a bedside scientist thinking, linking and investigating.