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Transfusion Update 2015 by Kanchan Bhardwaj

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Quick Overview
The topics covered under Clinical Hemotherapy are Transfusion Practice in Clinical Medicine, in Surgical Practice, Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Transfusion; Transfusion Practice; Massive Transfusion; Platelet Therapy, Transfusion Practice in Chronically Transfused, Apheresis in Clinical Practice, Intervention in Bleeding Patients and Transfusion Practice in Oncology. The section on Cellular therapies has Stem Cell Therapy in Cardiovascular Diseases, Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, etc. Blood Safety had NAT, Pathogen reduction technology, leucoreduction, etc. and Miscellaneous has evidence-based Transfusion Medicine, Blood Bank Accreditation, Molecular Genotyping and its Application in Transfusion Practice, Rare Blood Group Registry, etc. Details of latest topics will stimulate teachers of transfusion medicine and clinical specialists to do more research in these fields.
Key Features
• Aims to raise the level of expertise of transfusion specialists and clinicians in transfusion technology to latest international standards of safe blood transfusion. 

• Covers latest innovations and challenging problems encountered in the practice of transfusion medicine in a crystal clear manner. 

• Includes transfusion experience of eminent clinical faculties. 

• Covers all the clinical specialties involved in transfusion practice ranging from transfusion therapy in clinical medicine; surgical practice; transplantation; massive transfusion; platelet therapy; apheresis; chronically transfused patients and intervention in bleeding patients. 

• Discusses the scope of regenerative medicine in the field of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and peripheral artery disease. 

• Consists of role of platelet-rich plasma in practice and cosmetic surgery. 

• Describes various topics such as immunotherapy in cancer and transplantation, gene therapy, cord blood banking and transplantation, erythropoiesis-stimulating agents versus red cell transfusion, National Plasma Policy, blood safety including NAT, pathogen reduction technology, automation, hemovigilance program, leukoreduction, accreditation of transfusion service, evidence-based transfusion medicine, molecular genotyping and its applications in practice and rare blood group registry. 

• Comprises of 81 chapters enriched with tables, figures, flowcharts and diagrams for the ease of readers. 

• An indispensible tool in the transfusion medicine specialist and clinician’s kit and for postgraduates too.